AP World History Wed 7-8 PM Dale


Second Semester brings us into the Twentieth Century, when the information students need to know starts getting dense. The many different paths to African independence, the complicated economic and political evolution of the countries of South America, the interlocking ethnic and religious tensions in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, the rise of the global economy, the legacy of imperialism, the rise of totalitarian states – these are all deep and complicated issues, a good number of which most regular classes just don’t have time to develop, but which students nonetheless can be asked to write essays about for their AP exams. We’ll be focusing on each major region, and with developing a set of talking points for each that can be brought to bear on any essay, while also providing our regular Essay Support and Debate Prep for students’ in-class work, with extra sessions and mock exams with fully graded and commented essay sections offered in the month leading up to the big exam.