College Application Program 2025 Graduates – Deposit

College Application Program Sophomores – Graduates 2025


          The Learning Studios Spring Sophomore Program

We meet to address action items and build rapport between mentor and mentee.

  1. Address student questions and goals
  2. Establish a summer plan
  3. Select challenging and appropriate classes for fall of junior year
  4. Create a working resume
  5. Identify strengths and interests for a stronger narrative for your college applications
  6. Create a working college list
  7. Research college programs and attend virtual tours
  8. Survey a College Application, reflect on supplement questions in advance that may shape your summer plans
  9. Consider ways you might lead or distinguish your unique self
  10. Use CAP Program Trackers, Docs, and Checklists

Tutorial Items:

Optional Add-On – Scheduled Hourly or by Class- Outside of CAP Program:

  • Private Tutoring for High School Classes
  • Weekly Course Tutoring for AP High School Classes
  • Independent Study Support