AP US History Get Ready

August 5th-8th: Monday – Thursday 5-7 pm


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The number one skill that most students say they wish they’d had before entering either World or US courses is the ability to write essays with solid use of contextualization. There is a lot of material to study during the year, and though the students get graded on essays, they don’t have time to sit down and develop context-rich essay skills.  We’ll be working on this by looking at outline and thesis development. Students will be prepared by the end for the big debate events that occur during the year in these sections, and have a better idea how to develop solid theses and argument structures in limited amounts of time, which will help on all of the AP history and English examinations.

Specifically, we will prepare for those first weeks of AP, diving deeper into the pre-colonial and colonial history of the United States that students will need to better understand and write about the events leading up to the American Revolution, but which are often passed over in lesser detail. Topics covered will include early Native American societies, their interactions with Europeans, the early colonial economy, and how early systems of trade and geographical differences in resources drove differentiation in the political structures of colonial America.

August 5th-8th: Monday – Thursday 5-7 pm