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We cannot say enough good things about Christy Frantz and The Learning Studios. Both of our children receive tutoring from various instructors, all of whom are very talented in what they do. Our children have different learning styles and move at different paces. We have been very impressed by how well they accommodate both levels.
Kimberly N,
The Learning Studios took the place of therapy for me as a parent of a college bound child. I didn't stress a bit during this time! My daughter just finished her Freshman year at American University and it has been an excellent fit for her. The only thing I did to help her with her college prep and research was sign her up at the Learning Studios. Christy and her team helped her explore what she wanted to study, what she wanted in a college, what colleges to consider, how to write her statement of purpose, etc.
Paula C.
We just dropped off our son off at Cal Poly SLO. Christy and the entire staff at the Learning Studio were invaluable contributors in getting him into an impacted computer science/engineering major there. Our son had a great experience the past 2 years at the Learning Studio. His grades and his test scores greatly improved with the tutoring and guidance that Christy and her staff, especially Dale, provided. We highly recommend the private calculus tutoring, AP Calculus class, ACT prep and college consulting. His ACT scores greatly improved after taking the ACT prep class and coaching from Christy.
Patty H.
Check out Dale's Portraits on Women in Science!

He also has many books including the History of Women in Medicine and Medical Research, History of Women in Astronomy and Space Exploration, and an upcoming book called A History of Women in Psychology and Neuroscience.